Sunday, June 05, 2022

A New Position

Once again I'm involved in projects and have to deal with all sorts of animals! The only difference is that they are less harmful in comparison to the assholes that I had to struggle with earlier! I also started to think that maybe it's me who has difficulty adopting himself to his environment and work comfortably with everyone and in everywhere! There's one big factor which should not be forgotten: What helps you to get through all the difficulties and stress in life!
Here in Canada there're plenty available. 

1- Alcohol: Many people seek to resolve their problems and calm their stress by drinking alcoholic beverages and that start at early ages. You shut down the liquor stores here in Canada for a week and there will be a civil war worst than Syria

2- All sorts of legal and illegal narcotics: You have access to everything that makes you forget about what has been going on in your life! From Marijuana which has been legal and can be purchased from stores and anything else which can be purchased on the streets! The Province of British Columbia just decriminalized a certain amount of hard drugs, if that is for personal use! I think that's 2.5 g. So there you go! Soon there will be legalized prostitution! Although the country is not too far away from that!

3- Casual sex and prostitution: Only 49% of the people in Canada live with their family. It means the rest live by themselves but doesn't means they have to be under sexual tension! For me that has never been a problem but for the majority of normal(!) people, men or women, access to opposite sex (or the same sex, if they're homosexuals, is easy and available. Even if there's some loser like me(!) who has always had problem with finding and then keeping women, could go to prostitutes (not hat I regularly do that or I am for it!). The funny thing is prostitution isn't illegal in Canada but you could be prosecuted and possibly go to jail for that! How? The law, like every other law is complicated enough to make it hard to understand for the general public so they get caught and get trialed but the simple version of it is that offer can be made but seeking it would not be legal! Try to figure that out by going through contract law! 

4- Other sources of release(!), if I could say that, such as games to watch, games to play and anything else which practically help you to relax and get your mind off the normal, hard life.
Going back to the subject, I've just finished the second week of work and the hard part still to come. We have a nice office, a huge very nice lunchroom and even a gym which I haven't been to, so far. The people are no so bad but mostly careless and dumb! Running their pickup truck engine for hours without caring about the fumes and the gasoline that they burn for no reason, smoking constantly and carelessly, driving the pickup truck up and down the project site for distances less than 10 feet, you name it. I, in the meantime, all I have to do is just to keep my head down, do my job and be very nice, friendly and professional to get through this. There will be either a chance to keep my employment with the company or at least have something good in my resume to find something else when these projects are finished, I guess, next year.
(Photo: I'm positioned in a cubicle like this but not that busy. Assholes and elbows talk loudly on the phone, laugh hysterically or make joke with each other but the good thing is I don't have to be there all they long. I usually have to go to the site which is not too far away. The fat-fuck, though, sits in a nice office, away from this melee!) 

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