Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Extreme Work Conditions

There has been an ongoing alert for most of the Province of Alberta and particularly the southern part. We had to shut down the work on Mon. due to the risk of electrocution (getting hit by lightning) and today was extreme wind (70 km/h) and heavy rainfall/hail. I, despite this was asked to go to the site and provide assistance. 
The Right to Refuse might have been applicable here but since the other guy was working, I didn't say anything. I generally don't mind the outside when there's extreme weather but for this wage, I don't think it worth it! I even ripped my pants by getting stuck in some pieces but since there was no injury, I couldn't file a report! 
The drive to and from work was not too bad except for the morning traffic because of an idiot who paid no attention to the driving condition, got himself into an accident and blocked half of the highway! 
This is my choice. I wanted to rid of the toilet which I had been working in, for over two years and now I face new issues! The next two months are critical because now they want me and The Tote Lover to do a small program which includes practical and written tests. There's basically no easy job here, unless you work hard and prove yourself. Maybe!
(Photo: As I am slowly approaching the beginning of the blocked part of the highway, it can be seen that a fire engine has blocked the that last lane and made a bottleneck. This was in the morning. No photo of the site due to privacy reasons!)

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