Saturday, June 11, 2022

Mentally Sick People of North America

I've studied Canadian and American societies through the past 20 years or so, watched their habits, behaviour and culture. The Canadians have been observed all these years as I have been working and living with them, basically. The Americans just by seeing their lifestyle and the news I hear or watch. 
While I've met some of the nicest and most beautiful people, in heart, both in the US and Canada, I've come to the conclusion that the number of crazy, mentally disturbed, psychopaths, the ones who should be locked up for the rest of their lives, the ones who should be hospitalized in nuthouses and such people is way more, way way more, in fact, than what we see in the so-called Third World countries if we compare this number to the total population. One example of that is the sick maniac who went and fight for ISIS! Think about this: A nasty, disgusting, sick, Caucasian American woman, leaves her country, travels around the globe and gets herself into Syria and leads a group of women who kill people of their own and addition everyone else whom they could get their hands on! What can you tell about this person rather than someone who belongs behind the bars for the rest of her life? Most likely one of the million women who were mentally and physically abused and bullied and even raped! Who knows? Their story emerge once in a while. All the allegations against the gymnastics coach which later were resulted in his conviction, the story of Harvey Weinstein, allegations against Kevin Spacey and Bill Cosby and many more! All the stress and mental problem which is caused by these behaviours will show it differently in different people. And I'm sure that this woman is not alone. There were many other Westerners of Caucasian race who went to Syria and Iraq to just kill! You never hear or see any woman from all those troubled country or the countries which are constantly being teased and degraded by Westerners and their leaders always pity them and try to take advantage from! 
(Photo: The American woman who admitted, during a court hearing, that he fought for ISIS)

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