Sunday, June 26, 2022

Meeting the Boss

I was sitting in my colleague's, The Tote Lover(!), office the other day and the Boss-to-be, who actually is the boss barged in! He shock hands with me and from the beginning I confirmed that I was right: He's really crazy! That was my first meeting with him after two Teams. He's a tall man with a big head where he has lost most of his hair and a big belly. He sat next to me and we were having a meeting with someone else in another province. He was speaking loudly which I'm sure the people outside the office heard him although the door was close. He barely let anyone else talk but I was very polite and courteous! When he was talking and looking at me I was confirming by nodding and but most of the time I was quite because the other guy, in the other province, was just full of shit! I didn't want to say something which might trigger the boss! Then the asshole, who was basically helping us with an issue, giving us advices started smoking! That was one I realized that the boss was smoking an e-cigarette too! I was in shock but what can I say? he's a fucking addict. 
The next day we gathered for a practical test in relation to the problem we were working on. He kept smoking one after another! In addition to that it appeared that he is not a patient man and kind of know-it-all! After that though he offered to take all four of us to lunch and of course we accepted! He didn't have to, of course but I don't know why he did it! He could've simply say goodbye and leave all of us there. I must not forget that after the practice was over I thanked him and the other guy guy and he thanked us back!
The lunch was good. I hadn't eaten out for more than 4 months and it's not only because of the cost, but also because I'm a picky eater. I ordered a Mediterranean Pizza and it came out nicely. I was going to go for small but then I said to myself: What the hell?! I'm not paying for it and I don't eat out every day. So why the hell should I be worried about it?! The Pizza had so much Carbohydrate that I didn't eat anything else the entire day! Beside I had lots of cake and junk food the day before, from a company's so-called party that I was about to be sick! 
We thanked him after that and he promised that he visits us soon! I can't wait to see him again!
(Photo: Boston Pizza's Mediterranean is really good)

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