Sunday, June 19, 2022

Fuel Cost for a Week

The cost of fuel has gone up so high and no one is able to do a damn thing about it! They all blame it on Russia-Ukraine War! I got gas for $1.91 the day before and last night it was about $1.89 in a non-so-popular gas station! I don't know how different the quality of fuel is between a giant corporation such as Shell and a small old gas station but I was running low and was afraid that I might get stuck on the road. I went and bought gas from the small place for 2 cents cheaper, not even that much, I think! 
So now due to the long distance between the home and work, I pay at least $50 a week for gasoline! There's no doubt that the car is now wearing much faster than before and every day I have to get out at least one hour before the start of work and that is not because I'm so eager to be there! It's to avoid to be stuck in a traffic jam and having a rush breakfast. Beside I am never late at work.
The other thing is all of my efforts to buy a new car is abolished. I wanted a hybrid because the cost of the cheapest electric car is out of my reach but now even a hybrid which ranges from $30,000 to $35,000 is impossible to get and that is due to the backup in manufacturing and supply chain. 
Tesla 3 which is cheapest of the Tesla family cannot be obtained for less than $65,000 and now even that is far-fetched! They have increased their minimum interest rate, for the shortest period of financing to 5.2% (used to be a little more than 3%). If I was sure of my employment status after this project, I would not waste a minute because now the earliest delivery is Dec. 2022!  
(Photo: The price of gasoline for one litre of regular gasoline in Downtown Calgary on Thu.,  16-Jun-2022. Other gas stations don't offer much less than this. Once I saw a bunch of idiots lining up for nasty whole-seller whom I won't release their name here! For a price which was probably only 3 cents less than what you would have gotten in other places!)

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