Saturday, July 09, 2022

Deerfoot Hotel & Casino

The Boss-to-be, now the actual boss was here this past two days to make sure that we were doing fine and were ready for our tests! I had studied a bit but in comparison with The Tote Lover who sits on his ass all they long, in the office, I didn't have much time. The two which seem to be buds(!) had gone to purchase different tolls for our practical test. We did a couple of mock tests and then, as usual, the boss suggested to go for lunch! Who doesn't like a free lunch particularly when he is driven to a restaurant but I'm a picky eater and that's why I barely eat out. In this case I have no say! 
We went to Deerfoot Hotel & Casino, a huge building with several entrances. It reminded me of the one night that I stayed at Southpoint in Las Vegas. A cute, petite waitress, who looked like Oriental served us. The Tote Lover, despite his huge belly order a big Jambalaya dish! The boss went with a nice Stake with sides of vegetable, which actually looked very nice and I ordered a cheapest meal, amongst the three of us: A Pulled Pork Sandwich with Yam Fries at the side. The food came in a robotic waitress, alongside the cute one! It was interesting to see, although I was not much impressed and am not a big fan. The size of sandwich was very small and thanks that I was not very hungry. Beside I try to stay away from White Bread. Overall the food, was just barely okay. Being with two crazy guys who have no control over their desires and for that they look like 7-month pregnant women but in men's look was not very pleasant! However that's what I like about the boss. He intends to take care of his employees and makes sure they're okay so they can focus on their jobs! This post, in no way is a review of the casino because I've been there only once and with prices going all up, I understand how difficult it is to run a business. I just wanted to give a hint. The inside decoration was nice and I usually take a lots of photos but again we were heading back to the office and I didn't wanna make them anything to me. Perhaps there'll be another chance to give the business a try, later.
(Photo: You can clearly see that my review about the food is real and I have no intention to advertise against[!] this business)

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