Saturday, July 30, 2022

Dumb and Dumber Organizations!

I had a number of issues when I worked for that German company for almost 5 years. Now I can see that those, could not even be considered an issue compared to what I have seen so far here, only after 2 months! I've seriously thought of quitting a few times and then I collected myself together and decided not to do that. It's not just the fact that there're not many good positions available out there but the thing that the industry has now great stress on the sort of knowledge and experience that a few years ago could barely be seen. Not to mention that I wasted a great deal of time, practically from early 2016 to early 2022, 5 freaking years, switching from this stupid job to that silly one! So technically I'm behind everyone who had a position same as mine in 2015, almost 10 years, if they continued their career without much obstacle and haven't made the same stupid mistakes that I've! 
With that said, here's a list of strange, unusual, stupid and unprofessional things that I've seen in this past 2-month period on this job (position!) and within the company:

1- Two months has passed since the project has started and we still don't have a so-called IFC drawings! The pieces of shit that we have, under the name of drawing(!), are not even good for warping meat like butchers used to do back in the day! I brought that to the attention of both The Boss and The Tout Lover. The first once went berserk and the latter said this word would not get out of his room! Then there was a major installment issue at the site! Who is ti blame?! The installation contractor? QC? Site supervisor?

2- The crew consists of a bunch of kids, from different backgrounds, including many of them being refugees, not that it's an issue who are basically doing simple labour jobs, such as moving stuff, fastening them, finishing the concrete, you name it. These idiots have been given company vehicles for their transportation and work within the site. One vehicle almost ran out fuel as a result of idling for too long! What these rubs do is they idle the vehicle for the entire shit which is almost 9 hours at times, put the air conditioning all the way up, which we all know consumes a lot of fuel and put the stereo up as well! No one tells nothing to them because, apparently, if they didn't like it and got upset, they would quit and it's next to impossible to replace them!

3- The Boss likes to hold meetings in regards to different topics which no one, basically, cares about, particularly in regards to his input! He invites his favorite people from all across Canada to weigh in while he's the sole speaker most of the time and doesn't allow others to talk! There are people from British Columbia to Manitoba and Ontario and then of course us, in Alberta! None of them are directly involved in this project and I have no clue why they should weigh in, in the first place because I know they are other projects' team members! I have never seen things like that. This last time was very funny, as usual! He kept talking and in between his words, and I have to add that he was trying really hard to be Canadian(!), people would say a word or two and then he offered hours, as he likes to call it, of overtime this weekend and asked if anyone wants to work, budget is available! No one, of course, is crazy enough to ruin a weekend sitting at the damn computer desk with a maniac such as him to add a few bucks to their pay-stub. So he said he would do it himself and would make it ready by Tue.!

The Silk road from eastern China to Sassanid Empire, Persia, today's Iran and to the eastern and central Europe which was ruled by Roman Empire at the time
4- The company, in general, reminds me of a Carvansara, one of the best features of Iranian culture but in a bit lower quality, perhaps I should say! Let's go through the word Carvansara and what it means quickly: Carvansara was a sort of public hotel in ancient Persian Empire, now Iran which covered parts of western and central Asia. Caravans (not the trailer attached to a vehicle but the word probably stems from there) would travel all across Asia for centuries. They consist of a row of domesticated animals, mostly camels who would carry merchandise and people. The Silk road was one of their major routes which extended from eastern China to Europe. Numbers of Caravansara or Caravan-Sara were build on their way so they could rest. There was no admission or time limit like today's hotel where they say, for instance, check-in is at 16:00 and check-out at 11:00. And there was no limitation for the number of people, perhaps because they would never stay for more than a nigh or until a storms is calm or the bandits are gone or defeated. With that in mind, there's still this expression in Persian which refers to a lawless place as Caravan-Sara! Sara basically means a hall, a place of staying and gathering for people and this company exactly resembles what a Caravansara used to be in ancient Asia: People come to work any time they want, they leave any time they desire. People hang out, talk and laugh. There's no control, of course for a poor new employee such as me who always have to make sure doesn't say or do anything that triggers others to report!  

5- The project is loaded with odd people. Here is the number of people we have on the project as far as I know:
a) Two Project Managers(!). One is usually not in the office. It is said he work from home and the other one starts at, around 10:00 AM and finishes after 20:00 and guess what? None have a degree and not probably more than 38 and 30 (the late guy). So no wonder why there's so much problem in the project despite having two(!) Project Manager! The Project Manager who deals with contractors and plays with Excel all they long, produces nothing better than this chaos that we have at the moment!
b) The useless Safety Rep. There's this idiot who I cannot tell where he's from and is supposed to be a safety rep. He usually sits in his cars for hours and does something with the laptop he has. He, at times, gets out and engages in conversation. He has asked me at least three time what he has to do! I told him that I was not the safety rep. and he has to do what is part of his job.
c) With all the documents circulating and would be all needed at the end of the project, there's still no document control. Perhaps the company has the budget to hire two Project Managers, one useless and ignorant Safety Rep., two Surveyor who each have a big truck and many more but a Document Control is  out of question! 
If I continue, the list goes on and on and that's just tip of the iceberg. I think I've made my point.
(Photo, top: The remaining of a Caravansara in Iran. This is rare although many should still be there. I should consider finding them when I go for a visit)

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