Saturday, July 16, 2022

iPhone needs to Cool Down!

I've never been a die hard fan of Apple. I was amogst the very first ones who purchased an iPod and then I exchanged that with an iPod Nano. I got 10% off and everyone at the damn Apple store was surprised by what they saw! Morons! That was it. My cellphones have so far been Alcatel, Nokia and the most recent one, a beautiful, reliable and nice Blackberry. However I have been given an iPhone for communications by my new employer. It's okay. Lots of thing that I'm not familiar with but learning. 
Now, In July, we have had a few heat warning by Environment Canada, so far. I believe the warning is issued once the temperature passes 30 ℃. I was on my way back home one day and had a quick look at my phone while driving and this message that you see was on the screen! 
I also saw a similar message when I was at site yesterday, just a bit different. The phone was looked by itself and none of the keys or the screen would work. I had to keep it in shade for a few minutes to cool dawn and be useful again! I've never had this issue with my Blackberry. I still cannot believe that Canadians change a pride of the country with an American product.
(Photo: Message on the iPhone screen) 

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