Sunday, July 17, 2022

I've become George


I cut my tie with The Chef almost a year ago. I got tired of his stupidity, his lack of understanding and recklessness. I tried to help him a few times and he never listened and messed up his life. I don't have even near a ideal life myself as a result of big mistakes I've done in the pat 5 years or so but I've not fallen as deep as he has. 
With that in mind, I remember him going to a nearby Safeway everyday after work. Why? You don't need groceries every day but when you're alone stepping in a store and just seeing people and having a exchange of words with a cashier helps you and that is why he went to a supermarket every day after work! He also tried to connect everyone available! That's how desperate he was! He had a friend(!) who was homeless or had become homeless and would spend his nights in DI (Drop-in Center) until they gave the poor guy an apartment and he turned it to a dump. Stories of such, about The Chef, who claims that he is a political refugee, is a lot but I don't think anyone would be interested! 
Now I think I have become like him! Remember that episode of Seinfeld that Elaine gets into trouble and gets kicked out of her apartment and then loses her job? George, at the same time meets a woman and after starting a relationship with her gets a good job at NY Yankees through the woman's family. So while George is going up the ladder of life, Elaine is falling off of the ladder! in the final scene of the episode (which a still of that is seen above), Elaine is sitting with Jerry and are having a chat. Elaine is telling him that what has been going on with her life and then she goes: I've become George
I do have a job now and although it's not an ideal one, I'm surviving but I can see that there's a very little chance to stay employed after these couple of projects are finished. I have kept the previous job as a part-time one, based on the story that I've made up and sold but that's hell. That's not a way of living. As per the Seinfeld story here, I noticed just last week that when I finish work, I'd like to stop by a supermarket and go in! Despite the fact that I was neither hungry nor needed something! I talk to people at work and sometime we joke and laugh and fortunately they're mostly pleasant people but still there're days that I'd like to call someone and talk to them or just go to a public place and see people! 
First I thought it was a problem and then I realized that is why the idea of pub came out in the first place! That's why many people go to a pub or bar right after work: To see someone or hang out with friends and colleagues! Since I'm a foriegner and not welcomed in most of the bar and pubs, I've never tried that. Beside I can drink Beer, which is the most popular drink, because of Gout. So that's another reason I can't go to bars! For that I've become The Chef! I go to supermarkets! At times I waste money on thing that I don't need and some other times I just come out after a little walk inside! Pathetic! Isn't it?
(Photo: The final moments of the episode that I referred to: Elaine is sitting with Jerry and goes: I've become George! And then George walks in while has a very nice suit one and greats everyone!)

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