Sunday, May 23, 2004

Cultural Discrepancies (1): No Pretending or Posing

One of the good attributes of people here in Canada, I mean people from European roots mostly, is that they don’t pretend to be what they are really not. Being free from pretence is Canadians’ merit. If someone is not rich enough to buy a brand name, high quality apparel, s/he restricts her/himself to extremely-regular (If I could say that!) products. For example you can buy a pair of Levi’s jeans for about $60 or purchase a Mexican brand in Wal-Mart for about $15 (Huge diffrence. Ain't it?). There’s big difference between these two pairs of jeans. Of course Levi’s fits better, you look nice in that and lasts longer but when you are out of budget, would you buy one? I know some people do. They deprive themselves from something else, mostly more important stuff, save and buy one.

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