Tuesday, May 18, 2004

I Hate This Weather!

I think Calgary's weather is the worst that I have ever experienced! Tehran is not this bad. If Tehran was not polluted, it would have a very very nice weather not like everywhere. For example in Farvardin (March 21st and after) and also sometimes in Ordibehesht (April and May) it has a very beautiful weather, esp. if it's not busy and crowded.
...But Calgary...It drives me crazy and I wanna smash my head to the wall!
You usually face one of these conditions: chilly, snowy, windy, rainy, dusty, shitty(!), crappy(!) and so on. Even in spring and summer u need a car because there's sometimes a strong wind that u can't even walk and dust is included too! Cycling is just annoying sometimes instead of being fun! I haven't studied enough since the beginning of the last week, just some last Sun. and I have my exam. in June.05. All because of this irritating weather.

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