Sunday, May 16, 2004


 I and Keiv went to Westhills movie theatre and watched Troy. Everyone, I guess knows the story of Troy. Helen of Troy, The horse, Trojan War and Achilles jerk. I liked the movie very much. I usually don't get excited while watching a movie but this one really thrilled me. I think it had been years since I felt like this! May be I'm exaggerating!
The battle between Achilles and Hector and some other scenes was really exciting and interesting. Both actors (Pitt and Bana) obviously had enough training on sabers. For an unknown reason Roger Eebrt, one of the most famous film critics, has given a C rating to the movie and also a thumb down! Of course he has his reasons for this but I liked it, though. In a nutshell he says the whole epic poem of the Iliad by Homer has been changed, the Greek gods has been ignored and the Greek heroes has been conflicted in the movie. Keiv also mentioned that the movie is far from what he knows in terms of history. May be they are but I liked it anyways and I may watch it again. This time may be on a DVD. One more thing: It was the first appearance of Brad Pitt's brother Eric.
(Photo: The Trojan horse, built by Greeks, is pulled to the city by Trojans. At night soldiers came out and opened the gate and that was the end for Trojans)

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