Sunday, May 23, 2004

Khoram-Shahr Liberation Anniversary

Today is the 22nd anniversary of Khoram-Shahr liberation. The city was attacked by Iraqis, the bastards, who are getting what they deserve, in the early months of Iran-Iraq war and was occupied by them for a period of time. Khoram-Shahr was one of the most beautiful and developed cities all across the country and Persian Gulf, before the revolution and of course the war.
I had a short trip to the city, just a couple of months before my immigration and it was disappointing and sad. Most of the people flee from the city just after the war began. The wealthy ones went abroad, mostly to the US and they still live there. The lesser income, the closer people go! Tehran, Esfahan and the other cities are all where people of Khoram-Shahr went and settled down.
The first place I used to stay, when I came to Calgary was D. H.'s house, The Bangladeshi guy. There was another tenant there, Ali Ayazi, who's from Abadan, a city nearby Khoram-Shahr and was surrounded (But not occupied) by Iraqis once. His family lives in Texas and when I asked him how he ended up here, he just briefly answered that they flee as war broke out and his father doesn't want to remember those days. He also mentioned that he had made many mistakes and had to leave the States but tries to get back there.
(Photo: A street in Khoram-Shahr after Iraqis are cleared out of the city)

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