Sunday, May 23, 2004

Victoria Day

Tomorrow is Victoria Day and a national holiday in Canada. I went to Canada Olympic Park in the afternoon. Took about 40 min. through Bow River Pathway. C. O. P. basically was designed and built in 1986 for winter games like skiing, lugeing, ski jumpping and bobsledding. After the Olympic games was over, it was decided to use the facilities in a good way, making money. Therefore C. O. P. was formed. It has teahouse, Hall of fame and trail for cycling which actually is built for skiing!
It was just wasting money to get a season pass as there's no path for cycling and also I don't have time to go there, usu. Most of the bikers come over there and get a lift from the liftchair and then come down the hill!
But what make tomorrow a holiday? If you ask Canadians, most of them don't know anything about that, for sure! Queen Victoria (1819-1901) is the one who this day is named to her honor. This day is her birthday. It's said that Queen Victoria had a great influence in 19th-century British society through her strict moral and sense of duty. Victoria is also the capital of British Columbia.
(Photo: The most common photo of Queen Victoria who reigned Britain untill 1901)

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