Monday, May 10, 2004

Who's Really Guilty?

This is what I wrote to CBC regarding Iraqi prisoners abused(!!) by American soldiers in Abu-Gharib prison, near Baghdad, last night:

I believe that what happened in the Iraqi prison near Baghdad is not a big deal. What Iraqis did to Iranian POWs during 8-year Iran-Iraq war was much worse than that and no one even complained.
American media just uses those photos against Bush administration to beat them in the coming election. Prisoners' abuse happens in every war and it's not something special.

(The above photo taken from TV, shows US secretary of defence Donald Rumsfeld shaking hand with one of the biggest murderers of all times, Saddam. Rumsfeld was in Iraq to sell chemical weapons to Iraqi military machine, used against Iranian troops and Kurds in northern Iraq. He has been taken accountable for Iraqi prisoners' abuse by American soldiers in Abu-Gharib prison)

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