Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Divorced or Separated

It's kind of confusing some of English words and phrases. I was talking to Bonny today to finding a way to have her as I've recently noticed that she is not with her boyfriend anymore. She told me that her husband is back. They were separated and they are together again. It helped me to understand what the difference is between Divorced and Separated.
You and your spouse are separated when you don't live together anymore but haven't filed a divorce. So what men and women do is they sleep with whoever they want and it's like a break and variety for them. They can get together again and live like they were never split.
But when the couple are divorced it means they are legally broke up and settled down everything. Andrew and his ex-wife's case is an example of divorced couple. He gained his daughter's custody and owes his ex a lot of money. They are both free now! I don't know about Jan but Andrew has a girlfriend now, Michele.

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