Thursday, April 21, 2005

Flashback (3): Olives

Living together, I mean, with Resurrect, has both bad sides and good sides but whatever it is, it will be over soon because he's going back home. So may be I move out before we get to the deadline which is July the first. I've already talked to my Uzbek friend, The Principal, about his basement. Actually he offered me that. He got a nice big house in south Calgary, in a neighborhood called Queensland or something like that. We only have to agree on the rent and I'll be moving there. He's a great guy and told me that because we were friends it was hard for him to talk about the rent. But have to persuade Resurrect before I do and I don't know what his reaction would be. Last time I talked to him he said he needs 2 weeks notice in advance!
Anyway I was gonna write about one of many funny things that happened a few months ago. He usually goes to Arabs' stores to buy grocery as most of them are his customers. Once he bought a big jar of olive for about $15. The olives looked like they were rotten but he said they were good. He usually eats old food so that didn't bother him. One day after he bought that I came home and saw the jar on the floor of the kitchen where we usually put garbage bags. So I thought he believed that the olives were not edible any more and put them there. Therefore what I did was I threw it out! There's a big trash bin close to the house and I threw it in there!
When he came home, he looked for the jar and didn't find it. Then he asked me if I had seen it and the answer was negative. I don't remember what exactly happened but he went to the bin and took it out! It's a big and tall bin and a person is hardly able to climb up to get in to it. When he came back he was so angry, washed the jar and put it back to his fridge! I was trying to make an excuse but he didn't believe it and said that he didn't wanna talk about that!

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