Monday, April 04, 2005

Stettler and Diversfield

I got up early morning and drove to Stettler a small town in the east of Red Deer. I went there for an interview. CH4 Compression Services Ltd. is a recently born company and needs a Quality Control Supervisor. It was right in front of a Wal-Mart but I didn't know that first and when I asked people in McDonald's and Wal-Mart they looked at me with their mouth open wide and eyes open shut!
So I called them and found them myself: Right in front of Wal-Mart building, across the street. There were four people in the room where we all sat and talked. It was a very casual interview. There were nobody from HR who takes notes. The president of the company, a young pretty, blond, blue-eyed girl in pair of jeans, prob. not older than 25, another mid-age guy who I don't know where he is from, just introduced himself and finally another young girl with the same feature but not as pretty as the first one. Not even close! She's the one who runs the quality right now and they want someone to help her.
They want me there and asked me about my wage expectation and I told them that I would call them tomorrow.
When I left Red Deer, took highway 11 to the east and just minutes after driving fog came down and it was really difficult to see ahead. I really could not see more than a few meters in front of me and had to slow down. That was the first time I drove in such a weather and I was a little bit scared. There were also farms everywhere in the way to stettler like anywhere else in Alberta and also a petrochemical in Joffre before I got to highway 12 because that how I drove to Stettler after I left highway 11. I didn't take my camera but the best pictures can be taken it's spring and summer is there.

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