Friday, April 08, 2005


I got so angry today. I called damn CH4 and told them I'd be there to get the offer letter and contract before I start my work, this Mon. but they said (after a few phone calls) that they have a meeting on Tue. and they'd call me!
The young pretty girl, Lorene, is the one who usually talks to me and that bitch told me that I could start my job. Now she says they have interviewed another person and they'll give me a call after Tue. Meeting!
So I guess there's a little hope for getting this job now. But Black Cat called me and set a panel Interview for Mon. at 14:00. God! I have to drive all the way up there again and buy a suit too 'cause I just have one and can't wear it twice. Moores is a good choice I guess. I'm gonna buy it Sat. or Sun.
My cousin, N. S., my friend M. M., the very polite and nice guy whom I just met once and Resurrect are the people whom I consulted them and they helped me a lot.

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