Sunday, April 03, 2005

Michael Jackson Is Being Screwed Up!

Is this all a scenario to make him more popular and famous or he's being screwed really bad? Last time he dangled his infant from a hotel balcony in Germany and made news for magazines, papers, TV channel, etc and no charges put against him. This time seems it's serious, I hope! This is the story:

If you remember accusations put on Michael Jackson almost a year and half ago and for a reason unknown his trail has been postponed till now. He has been to the court in Santa Maria, CA. several times since Jan. and he’s been charged with molesting a 13-year-old boy. It’s said that he used to give kids alcohol in pop cans and show them porn magazines in his ranch, Neverland in CA. A boy’s fingerprint has been found on the magazines. If the allegations are proved, he’ll be sentenced to prison for at least 21 years. Regardless of all this charges against him, the 46-year-old pop singer still has his fans and they all gather outside the court, holding posters and banners to support him. A flight attendant has recently testified that Jackson consumed alcohol in soda cans during his flights. We’ll wait and see what happens to him.
(Photo: Aerial view of Michael Jackson's ranch, Neverland in California. Where is really the ranch!?)

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