Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Dynetek and Guardian

The first thing I did today is I went to Dynetek for the interview. The position is a Quality Assurance Coordinator but the company is looking for someone with high qualification in quality, for example Six Sigma, CQE, APQP and FMEA. It's less than 10 min. drive from home! A fantastic building, a gorgeous receptionist and amazing decoration is the fist thing come to attention. A mid-aged guy (Sounds Polish) came for the interview. He's the QC Manager and used to work for Nortel for years and has started here 3 years ago. U see ... A guy with a long background in telecommunication holds a QC management position in a company that manufactures CNG and hydrogen fuel tanks! And this fat body asked if I had any experience in automotive industry. He asked a few more questions and two out of six quality concepts he named, I was totally in the dark about but did well about the other ones. I guess there's not a good chance of getting this position and I didn't like the guy at the beginning. He was unfriendly and so ... I don't know... disappointing! The only good thing about this position is it's close to home.
In the afternoon I went to Guardian, close to Deerfoot Mall for a Quality Control Inspector position interview. There was a little oriental lady, probably from f**king Cambodia or another shity country like that with a funny accent. She told me she has mentioned to the agency that she needs someone who has background in Electronics. But she liked my resume. That was a small workshop with oriental cute chicks mostly, in clean uniforms. everything was organized and tidy. The whole interview took 10 min.

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