Monday, April 11, 2005

Panel Interview

I attended a panel interview in Black Cat today. They called me and asked me to be there. I rented a KIA from Budget and drove all the way to Edmonton again. But this interview costs me more than $550. I bought a suit, a shirt, tie and shoe from Moorse and the car and gas costs almost $70, may be more.
I should mention here that I'm lucky to be alive now and writing this! As I hate lengthy driving I almost fell sleep for a sec. when I was half a way or less! I suddenly opened my eyes and ... Damn! I'm driving! God! I should have flown!
Four people were in the interview, the Indian guy who has a Ph. D. in Material Science, the Canadian guy who currently holds the position and two other Canadian guys from manufacturing. One prob. the manager and the other one CNC supervisor. (I, then, found out that most of the processes are done by CNC in there). I also was told that there are only two guys left for this position among all who applied. So my chance is 50%.
The interview went well and I guess I answered well to all questions. These are some of the questions they asked:

  • Do you measure the parts yourself or the operator does that? (In the workshop)
  • Tell us a little bit about a typical workday in Takestan as a Quality Engineer.
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Why did you chose Edmonton for employment?
  • What would be the course you like to take?
  • Do you think you should spend your time on the floor or in the office?
And here are my answers to the questions:
  • QC measures the parts. If there are many of them, sampling methods are used, if not 100% inspection is performed. (I think they didn't like my answer 'cause it's not what Lean manufacturing system or TQM says)
  • In Takestan I usu. give everybody's job list the day before. So tomorrow what I usu. do is I am present everywhere in the plant to make sure that everything is being done properly and on time. I assist them and guide them.
  • I have enough experience to handle this job. I'm well educated and I believe that I manage this job very well. I'm energetic and I devote myself to my job.
After that I had a plant tour after the interview. Sean take me and explained the processes. It's an organized small plant with a few machines and few employees. They run the business based on Lean Manufacturing concept. The whole plant is not very bigger than one of Takestan's workshop! All they manufacture is edge blades for earth machines like grader, dozer, excavator and other vehicles like that.
Claudine, the lady in HR accepted me in her office after the tour and asked me about the salary. I told her that I would be OK with company's standard and then she asked if I'm in Edmonton in the next few days and I said now but I'd be right there, if they need me.

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