Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Aug.29.04 to Aug.29.05

I have applied for 29 different positions from Aug.29.04 to Aug.29.05, one full year, and have been contacted 9 times only! (only 31.0% of the requests!) Today I had a message from Worley Parsons MEG (What an odd name!) for a position I applied as an ISO Auditor, almost 2 weeks ago. I'll call them to see whether or not an interview is arranged. Regardless of the only position that I applied in Ontario and there was a little chance of having interview for that (Although once I had a phone call from Winnipeg) all other positions were offered in Alberta or neighboring provinces. The chart pictures facts about the applications.
(Photo: This little Pie Chart shows the dispersion of the jobs I applied in a year)

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