Monday, August 29, 2005

The Package

I just joined a few new friends and we, every weekend gather and talk and have dinner together. There's me H. Jamalnia, H. from Bandar-e-Abbas and another guy called Hamid which I don't like him but tolerate him because of the other guys but may not invite him to my place as next time is my turn. Me and Jamalnia went to H.'s house last night which is located in Downtown. I saw H. was talking to two girls while standing in the balcony. I got close to them and thought there are hookers. One of them was extremely ugly and the other one was really cute, both Asian. I talked to them for a min. and invited them inside. They said it's a package and they work together for $100! and then asked me if I'm a big guy and wanted me to show them my penis! I told them that my ex left me because it's small! Then we went to a corner where seemed dark so no one could see us but an automatic light suddenly turned on! Then we tried the other corner which was right in front of the main door of the building and I pulled down my pants and showed them my meat. It almost popped out as I was a little hard. They liked it and say it's big! Then I asked them show me theirs and the cute one pulled down her pants and showed me her little pussy. That was so cute! I didn't want to take them to H.'s house (I've already sent them in!) so tried to give them my number as noticed they liked me but there was no paper and pen available. I tried to call H. and ask him to open the door so I can get the number down and give it to them for the next weekend but the ugly one grabbed my penis and started to squeezing and rubbing it and then pulled it out, kneeled and started sucking it. I was so horny and started playing with the cutie's hair and kissing her. I was about to cum in a short time and she stopped sucking and the pretty one grabbed it and continued jerking while I came on the floor right in front of the door! The ugly one said that I owed them $200 and they left! I covered the cum with the mat and went inside!

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