Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I have a collection of Iron Mike Tyson's fights in my PC which have been downloaded all through Kazza. The one that I just had it finished yesterday and watched for the first time is his fight against Donavan "Razor" Ruddock an originally Jamaican boxer who used to fight for Canada. That's one of the most interesting fights that I've ever watched. Ruddock has been knocked down twice during the fight and at the end lost by TKO. At first I wondered what TKO meant and then found it in American Heritage Dictionary as it has got almost every word and phrase in it. Here it is:
TKO= Technical Knockout (n.) (Sports) = A victory in boxing, with immediate termination of the match, awarded by the referee when it appears that one fighter is too badly injured to continue.
As result of that decision, people rush to the ring and you can't say who's who. Regardless of the chaos, Tyson and Ruddock hug at the end. Seemed someone was objecting the referee's judgement. Ruddock was tremendous, especially his hooks were all great but Tyson crashed him so badly. That was in round 7.
(Photo: Tyson and Ruddock has fought two times, both in 1991. The first one which I'm talking about here was in March. This photo doesn't give any clue that which fight is that only shows a good punch of Tyson landed in the face of Razor)

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