Thursday, August 25, 2005

I Missed Again!

I've missed another opportunity and M. M. insisted in her last e-mail that she's not the one whom I'll be married to! I just keep you as a friend, she said. Last time I was talking to her in Toronto she said that I could travel to Toronto again to see her. So I thought there might be still a chance to date her, know her and finally marry her but it's over. R. S. my friend, who does his Ph. D. in Universite de Montreal wrote me in his e-mail last night:

Never fall in love with a girl if you don't want to suffer. Most of them ain't worth a nickel!

Actually I was not in love with M. M. We just met three days but was so impressed by the way she treated me. She was so nice, kind and friendly and it's really hard for me to find a good match because she should be at least as pretty as her and of course nicer, kinder and smarter. What she did is snap judgement! I guess she thinks that I'm not kind of party guy and who hangs out in the bars and plays card and flirt with different girls! True!

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