Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Campaign

Election campaign has been started as a result of fall of the minority government in the last days of 2005. I'm not eligible to vote yet but tried to understand what the four major parties' plans are but didn't get much! The leaders of the parties have confronted each other two times so far. The last one was tonight in Montreal and it was in French. Martin of Liberal, Harper of Conservative, Layton of NDP and Gilles Duceppe of Block Quebec debated over issues of the country, their plans and promises.

I also saw a very interesting TV advertisement against Harper which I guess destroy him partially. In the ad. Harper is accused of the following:
  1. Supporting Americans in war on Iraq and demanding Canada to join them.
  2. Denying gun rigestry which leads to more violance in the cities, like the one happened in Toronto in last Boxing Day.
  3. Insulting Atlantic Canadians.
The National pointed to the ad. too. It's said that it's an American style ad. and it's sad but I like it. Harper is originally from Calgary and an MP from Southwest part of the city.
(Photo: Harper, Duceppe, Martin and Layton, from left. Leaders of the four major political parties of Canada which are fighting for Prime Minister office. Green Party of Canada is considered the fifth one with about 1 million members accross the country but its leader doesn't show in the campaign)

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