Tuesday, January 03, 2006

He is Needed Here!

Saddam's trial is in process regardless of all the related violence. One of his lawyer got shot once but the murderer plays smart! He says he doesn't recognizes the trial as a fair one! One of the top US attorneys once attended his trial to defend him! He also wants to be shot by a firing squad instead of being hung! His brutality against Iranian troops, using chemical weapons in the eight-year Iran-Iraq War has never disputed in the trial so far! We needed another Khalkhali here! He would have been hung or dead in any other way long time ago, If Khalkhali had been the judge! The said person sentenced many ex-Shah's loyalists including the Prime Minister Hoveyda in the early years of 1979 Islamic Revolution to death with no trial, most of the time!
(Photo: A cartoon displays Saddam's complain about his trial!)

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