Saturday, January 14, 2006

Celebrating Levi's Wedding

There's an Armenian guy in the plant who's a very nice guy and helpful. He is married to a chubby Canadian gal. They used to be together for a long time and on that time Levi used to say that he screws her every morning! He's a very strong guy in his early 40s and if he was not, he wouldn't be able to satisfy that chubby chick who's at least 250 lb.! (How did I find her weight? I don't know!) But after a few year (3 years he says) they got married! I'm sure no one would marry that girl but there was a chance for Levi to find someone thinner for him but he chose her. Besides she's young, prob. 25. I can't tell because it's really hard to say how old Canadian people are.
I once told Levi that we should celebrate his wedding and last night he took me and Laszlo, the Hungarian guy, to a nice bar in High River. I didn't know that I can see a bar like that in a small town. Same good beer, live music, pretty girls, everything. Of course it's not a high class bar like what you see in Downtown L. A. or even Calgary but it's nice and clean and you can have a good time there. For people of a small town like High River it's a gathering place and you see your neighbors, co-workers, etc.
Anyhow we went there and Levi ordered drink and we drank and talked and then 3 women from the company who all live in High River joined us. When I say women I mean women older than 30. I knew all of them. One from the general manager's office, one form the finance and one from the I don't know where!. I , at the beginning, focused on the finance one because I have talked to her and she seemed an easygoing woman but she, a few times, mentioned that I made her nervous by getting too close to her so I changed the plan to Michele, the lady at reception, pretty, long beautiful hair and friendly. I gave her so many kisses on cheek and hair and she didn't reject. She ordered a drink with a lime in it and used to say: "Do you want me to squeeze your lemon!" I now think that was just water and lime! Then a band started and I invited her to dance but she rejected. I danced with finance girl and then with another woman but that was the time we had to leave because Laszlo and Levi are both married and their wives were waiting for them. Hopefully I knock her down next time when I ask her out!

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