Thursday, January 19, 2006


If I call me the unluckiest guy in the world, I'm not bullshitting, specially if I'm talking about careers. I lady from Standen's a company which is only about 15 min. drive from home call me last week regarding the position I applied last Dec. as a QA Technician. I called her back a few times and as I couldn't find him on the phone decided to go to the firm and talk to her.
She mentioned in the message that they are in need of another position in QA department and she would like to discuss that with me. When I got there and waited for a few min., she came out of the office and oh my God! she was with a motherfucker stinky fucking Indian man who was my classmate in a few courses back in SAIT days! And that motherfucker started interviewing me and shit, I screwed up again because I was not ready at all! But I also should mentione the way that asshole interviewed me: A complete nonsense one! He just followed what I wrote in there, word to word and that assholes didn't know who Dr. Deming is! I should have reviewed what I had claimed in my resume but didn't because I was not expecting an interview and it's over now. But the point is that stupid animal just got in to that company because he's Indian. I remember in Inspection and Gauging course class most of the students used to tease that stupid racist because of the stupid questions he used to ask. But now he's there and I'm here!
Indians mostly are racists. You barely see an Indian girl with a boy from another background unless she's born here. I remember Renay. She was so sick in that matter. I gave her a hug as soon as I saw her but that stupid bitch then complained! Every time I called her at home and she was not there she complained and said she would be in trouble if her father knows!
I, then, e-mailed the H. R. in Standen's and ruined that motherfucker Indian, considering I have no chance to get a job from them! The H. R. lady e-mailed me back and simply said that they have removed my application.

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