Saturday, January 21, 2006


I and P. M. were going to his favorite bar after being refused from Tequila because the tickets he got was only valid until 10:30 PM and when we were there it was almost 11:00 PM, and he said: Let's have an slice of a pizza. There's a pizza shop in 17th Ave. SW and that's where pizza is sold by slices and is a gathering places for Canadian guys and gals before or after they get to a bar or a club. I haven't tried that but looks it's good. $3.99 for each slice and of course you can buy a beverage too. P. M. got an slice and I asked the beautiful young girl if they sold anything for low-income people?! She answered: No!
Then the girl told me if I was a low-income person I should have voted for NDP. I said that whoever I vote for (I didn't tell her that I'm not eligible yet) I won't vote for Conservative and Bloc is out of the picture. Fortunately we have the same idea and confirmed both of my comments. And we started talking about politics and incoming election and how Conservative are American supporter. She was so sweet and slim, long black shiny hair and bright skin. She said she was from Montreal but didn't like the Bloc. She said she spoke different languages rather than French, including Hebrew. I instantly noticed that she was a Jew. She was asked to go and get a few CDs probably from home and I followed her and asked if I could see her again, talking about politics. She said that she was busy because she was also a musician but she works in the pizza shop a few days a week and I could go and see her there. She shook hands with me and introduced her as Raven and asked my name.
All I'm saying is if you know how to talk to gals here, you can pick at least one every day.
Note: Raven is a bird with shiny black feather, obviously used as gals' name too. She got extremely black, shiny and undoubtedly smooth hair. The kind I like to kiss and touch. hair is one of the most important parts of a woman to me. That's way I like Indian gals regardless of the shitty behaviour of 'em!

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