Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Federal election was last Mon. and the following is amongst the main results but before I get to that I should say that the way the Prime Minister goes to power is different from the way a President is elected in a country. This is how it works: There are different political parties in the country and each of them have representatives in different cities. People vote for their favorite rep. in their area and the one how gets most number of votes, goes to the House of Commons and the leader of the party with most seats in the House becomes the Prime Minister. Now the results:

  1. Conservative Party took over Liberals. They got 124 seats compare to 103 has taken by Liberals.
  2. As a result of that Paul Martin is not the Prime Minister any more.
  3. Stephan Harper, Originally from Calgary becomes the Prime Minister as he's the Conservative's leader.
  4. Martin resigns as the leader of Liberals.
  5. Bush called Harper and congratulated him. Harper is a great American suppoter. Canada's ambassador to the US resigned as well.
  6. Green party leader, Jim Harris is defeated.
  7. Jack Layton and his fucking Chinese wife (God! I fucking hate these stupid racist people so much) are elected both. This is the first time for that ugly stupid sucker.
  8. One independent MP is elected in Quebec.
  9. Most of the people in Quebec voted for the Bloc, of course.
  10. Former Finance Minister of Martin's government is re-elected from SK.
(Photo: Stephan Harper the new Prime Minister of Canada will have a hard time rebuilding this country)

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