Sunday, January 08, 2006


I received an appreciation letter from Canadian Blood Services as a result of my donation in the last days of Dec. '05. It's indicated that my blood type is special and approximately %9 of Canadians are Type B. So they rely on regular donation from people like me. I'm happy that I did something positive with my life stream and the letter is very encouraging but I really am afraid of needles! Besides that blood donation process prevents you from some of your regular activities. For example you can't go to gym and work out. But I may donate again. Not sure yet. They also sent me a beautiful card which I signed on the back and carry it in my wallet. It's all pleasing to me. I mean good food, good work out, movies, nice and quiet city and the new cute friend of mine whom I was talking to for 95 min. and 25 Sec.(!) on the phone last night and she said so many sweet things to me and forwarded her photos. The only damn problem I got here is my job. I have tried hard to get what I deserve but haven't got it after 4 years and have to write the citizenship test in Feb., if the court appearance doesn't affect that. So what I'm gonna do? How can I abandon everything here and go back?
(Photo: Canadian Blood Services Logo)

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