Thursday, March 22, 2007

A New Challenge

We left Coquitlam at 07:00 AM and it was almost 09:00 PM when we got home! Today was the third day of work and I have a very long way ahead until the day I can feel that I really have a job. A. J. works like a horse and his cellular phone never shuts up! Yes. Making money is not easy. You have to dedicate your whole life to your job. And he almost eats nothing during the day. He kept us both hungry until the afternoon yesterday! I luckily had two McDonald's breakfast sandwiches! I'm so tired now but would like to write more. But think it's better to write later as have to wake up at 07:00 AM and hit the road again tomorrow.
(Photo: The Sea to Sky Highway is under construction be be ready for 2010 Olympic games which partially will take place in Whistler. Lost of rain but that does not stop these guys from working. Kiewit, I believe was a millionaire if not a billionaire, and is richer now by getting this big project!)

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