Tuesday, January 01, 2008

'08 Is Here

I haven’t written for awhile because nothing special happened in the last 2 weeks. No Christmas. No New Year. I just downloaded a few nice Christmas songs and enjoyed listening to them. It was just me either going to work and do a little or be at home in front of the TV or computer’s screen. It was snowing pretty much every day until the Dec.31! I had a little plan yesterday. I wanted to get my photos, do a little shopping for Mom and Brother, watch AVP-Q and then come home a little late but instead just got the photos and did only a little shopping and got back early.
First because I was just by myself but the main reason was lack of a reliable vehicle. The damn van is to slow and also hard to drive. Beside I fear that something might happen in the highway or when it’s parked. So I did nothing and just like most of the days of my life, was a waste of time.
But after all the days after Christmas and New Year is so horrible. I feel so bad; especially there was not much fun for me. There’s no Christmas tree, no Christmas light and no people rushing to shopping malls and stores. It’s like a hangover after a good time you’re having in a party or a bar. The aftermath tastes so awful. I was going to Calgary to spend a week in there before I fly to Europe but cancelled as a result of being over budgeted.
Then I did a little search on the net. I looked for a small pick-up truck. I was looking, at the beginning for a 2-door but then realized if Mom and Brother join me and I want to take them to places, it would be impossible and extremely uncomfortable for them. So I switched to 4-door and checked all major manufacturers: Ford (Ranger. Opps! Ranger has no crew cab! Then try F-150), Toyota (Tacoma), Dodge (Dakota) and Oh! I forgot GM! I should get something less than $20,000 and it’s very hard to find because I don’t know what will happen in the next few months and whether I will be having income. But at the same time I have to make a slightly comfortable atmosphere for my family when they are here. So here’s what I got after my little web investigation:

Ford F-150 $22,199
Toyota Tacoma $27,075
Dodge Ram 1500 $21,995
GM Colorado $29,255

But why I chose to buy a pick-up instead of a sedan is that I can’t afford the nice car I want, let’s say a Prius or any car more than $20,000 and I also rather not to buy a used one because I’m not a mechanic. So buying a small Pick-up enables me to drive around a brand new vehicle while at the same time I can take my bicycle wherever I want and enjoy my rides. The above table shows that eventually I’m not able to buy a crew cab pick-up. So I won’t as long as I don’t have to!
(Photo: I just didn't want to leave this post with no photo. This is taken in near Squamish just a few weeks ago and developed and printed by London Drugs which didn't do a good job, I believe)

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