Tuesday, April 08, 2008

All Around Greater Vancouver in One Day

Hodani called me almost a week ago and said that he was going to B. C. to spend a week or more with me. I didn’t say No while I could. He booked his ticket online through a friend of him and landed in Vancouver International Airport at about 17:25, last Wed.
I had told him to give me a call when he lands, so I could pick him up. I got a document from a landscaping company in North Vancouver and then headed to a food store to buy a few things for A. J. My telephone rang before I step in the store. That was Hodani. He was in the airport. I didn’t know what to do. I faced a dilemma:

If I go to the airport to pick Hodani up, what would happen to A. J.?
If I go to the next store, and then A. J.’s and then Surrey, wouldn’t it be late for Hodani?

I eventually decided to buy the grocery for A. J. and leave Hodani in the airport. I drove as fast as I could in Highway Number 1 and got to Coquitlam. I spent an hour or two and then a guest of him, S. J. who I know from before arrived! Damn it was almost 08:30 PM! Hodani called me every 45 min. or so and he was so mad! I told A. J. that had been the plumber whom I was supposed to meet, the last time Hodani called and left for the airport! I didn’t really fucking know how to get to the damn airport and Hodani kept calling saying that he would go back to Calgary! I knew he’s an asshole and don’t know where to go so just talked him down. I went to New Westminster and then by asking a few people finally got to the airport at about 10:30 or 11:00 PM, I guess. I first parked in the main exit of arrivals and because it was illegal to park, had to drive and go to the other exit and that was where I found him, luckily! He hopped in and then I drove to Surrey through Highway Number 1 again. You imagine what would happen to you if you had to wait in the airport to be lifted from 05:30 PM to 10:30 PM!
Then in Surrey I was supposed to take 152 St. And I missed the damn exit and went all the way to where there were only companies and no one was around. I guess I was getting close to the US border! That’s what the signs were saying! I eventually met a security guide who told me how to get to that street but I missed the exit again and crossed Fraser River on Portman Bridge! This time I made a loop and went back to Surrey, taking Highway Number 1 again. It was almost 12:00 AM when I got to the plumbers house and he and his family were all asleep! I found the papers I needed in the mailbox and returned to the Highway to go back to Squamish. A. J. called and said that he was worried. I told him that I missed my exist and also told him that I was in Burnaby on my way home. He got angry and asked me to return! I didn’t know what the fuck to do because Hodani was sitting next to me and obviously I couldn’t tell A. J. that all this being late was because of him. ... Well not all! I can’t blame him for missing my exit. Anyway we stopped in a plaza to ask someone where we could find a hotel! Hodani was furious he said that he didn’t want to pay for a room and I suggested him to spend the night in a Tim Horton’s! He said that he was too tired and needed to lay down. I went to a Starbucks it was I guess and it was apparently closed to ask the girls where to find a hotel. They wrote down an address on a tissue and passed through the gap between the doors!
I drove toward the hotel which was in the way to Maple Ridge. Hodani got extremely mad as soon as we saw the hotel’s sign! That was a BestWestern! He shouted that it was very expensive, probably $300 but I talked him down again. Time was running out but unfortunately there was no room available! The man at the receptions who was Persian guided us to another hotel almost 10 more minutes away from where we were. That was where Hodani could finally spent the night by paying almost $110! I drove back to Coquitlam as fast as I could. It was 01:30 AM when I got there! I explained to A. J. how unfamiliar I was with the neighbourhood and told him that I got lost. We then went to bed but I couldn’t sleep because was thinking if something comes up and I would be busy tomorrow, Hodani would have been to the hotel for another night or if ...
Let’s forget it!
(Photo: This map shows the greater Vancouver and the route I took that day from West Vancouver to Coquitlam. What a trip!)

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