Thursday, April 17, 2008

Stupid and Coward (2)

I said about how this capitalist society has turned me to a conservative who barely takes a risk. I also said that because of the jobs I have had so far, I either have no time to study after work or so tired to open a book. So I might be a complete idiot if I do nothing soon.
But the real stupid and coward is A. J. Regardless of all the stories I’ve narrated so far which tell how big of asshole he is, this one is worth saying. It was me and he ready to drive to Lower Mainland and he said that he would drive because I drive not fast enough. He was driving like crazy, saying the van goes as smooth and fast as a sedan! An E-250 Ford Cargo Van in a mountainous road like Sea to Sky Highway was being driven as a sedan by a maniac! Anyway we got to our destination, we did what we wanted to do and we headed back to Squamish.
We bought two head sheep and two dinners to go and I was just about to live West Vancouver where the Service Engine Soon light came up! A. J. didn’t react as usual, didn’t yell or complained. He, for sure, knew that it was his fault. So we switched and he tried to find out what the problem is! He was driving slowly and carefully and was talking to himself: Oil pressure is fine, there’s nothing wrong with the run, just that unusual noise which started when ... [his son] drove it that day. The vehicle is fine! But after all he was afraid to speed. That’s now a good excuse for me as he always nags about the way I drive. He complains I drive too slowly.
The other thing that happened and shows his weakness is we drove to one of his properties after we did our purchase and neighbours told him that the guy was just arrested a few days ago! He started worrying and said Oh! What are we goin’ to do? I don’t know what to say if the cops come over. I don’t want to deal with the police and that stupid chattering! I told him that he shouldn’t have to be worried. I said: Just tell the cops that you don’t know him and haven’t seen him before. Tell them that the tenant is Lana and that’s whom he knows. Obviously the cops never came but he’s so stupid and coward that losses his confidence soon. Idiot!

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