Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Troublemaker's still Causing Trouble!

I went to the fucking Tim Horton’s in the town in the evening of Sun. for a cup of coffee and I had my last paper cup with a donut win! I’m talking about roll up the rim to win contest. I got in and after a few sec. In the line found me in front of the counter where a teenage girl asked me what I would have liked.
This is almost what happened between us:

Me (M): I’d like my navigation system here

The girl (G): l can’t touch that (the cup was squeezed and looked like it was picked up from the street!)

M: I was joking it's just a doughnut but why not?

G: Sanitary reasons.

M: Last time I was here the other girl did it.

G: She wasn’t supposed to do that.

M: That’s what you have to do. So do it! It was not in the garbage.

G: Oh my God! (She takes it, ripped the rim and threw the cup into the trash bin)

One woman steps in and says that they don’t have to serve me! She takes the cup out of the bin and put it on the counter! The girl asked the next one in the line to be served. The woman says something about calling the police and I say I want to talk to the store manager! The other girl at the other counter says that she is the manager. I ask how I know that and she says she got the keys! Obviously they are all bunch of stupid kids and retarded women who cannot answer back when I talk to them although I’m talking their language! They notice that and they are upset and beside the way I talked to the first girl, as I said was really harsh. So they kicked me out! When the woman asked me to leave or wait for the cops, I knew she wouldn’t call them because she didn’t have anything to tell them but I simply said I would be waiting for them outside and left! What would be the fucking charge? I knew when the cops come they would be at their side because they were Caucasian and also all women and I’d be in trouble, probably with a public disturbance charge or harassment or some other shit like that. Besides it's a small town and you make a scene and everyone knows about that and you'll have to fucking leave. I'm waiting for the project to start and that will be almost a year. So I got the fuck out of there!
I wrote a letter to their customer service today and complained. Let's see if get any answer from them or not.

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