Thursday, April 17, 2008

Winners Is A Looser

I went to a small but expensive hair salon today to get a haircut and I saw a girl with an Arabian Scarf around her neck. She was gorgeous: Blond hair, petite, brilliant white smooth skin, beautiful legs and in one word super hot. I asked her, after I was done with the haircut, if she knew what that scarf means? She said that she didn’t know. I said what it was and asked when she got it. She said that she had gotten it from Winners. I asked if she liked it. She said she loved it.
Then, in the evening, I e-mailed this to Winners:

I was just was informed that Winners has recently started distributing a kind of scarf which is popular among Arab terrorists and their supporters in Al-Qaeda nations and so on. As this act is a kind of support of those brutal barbarian behaviours, I would like to ask the management about his purpose. Regardless of that I will follow this case through the authorities in Government of Canada.

I will wait for their reaction and decide what to do after that.

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