Monday, August 04, 2008

Picking Fruits

There are fruit gardens or fields or whatever you may call, in provinces of Canada that you can go to, pick fruits and then go to the owner to have it weighed and then you pay and leave. S. J. also known as stupid scum told me that there are farms like that near Coquitlam, on the way to Maple Ridge, so we drove there, 3 of us, one another looser who is in deep shit as a result of a divorce with his wife, joined us, and drove around. There was basically nothing like that because the stupid didn’t have an address.
So we just had a walk beside Pit River for a few minutes. It’s a nice and quiet place. Then on our way back home, S. J. noticed a sign saying Blueberries for Sale. We stopped and there was a Punjabi family, son and father. S. J. said that, most of the farms in the area and also Abbotsford are belonging to East Indians, mostly Punjabis and a few, the flower growing ones to Europeans from Holland. Then we bought 6 pounds of Blueberry for $15 and when we got to Superstore for S. J.’s grocery we found that it’s cheaper over there and even cheaper in Save on Foods according to a flyer! It’s said that the ones bought in farms are fresher and in a better quality but I don’t see much difference.
(Photo: A modern greenhouse for flowers and everything else. The glass roof lets the sunshine pass while protects the plants from mostly hail storm and possible extreme cold)

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