Monday, January 19, 2009

Free Case of Beer

I finished my work out today and was heading to the post office nearby to get a parcel and heard somebody was yelling in the parking lot of the building. People usually avoid such things but I walked right to the guy! First I thought he was drunk or mentally ill but when he got close I found out that he was calling his dog. He asked me if I had seen it and I said I had not.
He then asked me if I needed beer! I had a case of beer in his hands and he was going to through it to the waste been. We were standing by it and were talking. I took a can out and asked if they were expired. He said that his wife bought them today and he just didn’t want them. I took two more and he added that his wife was an alcoholic and he, himself was an alcoholic and didn’t want any booze in his house. “Take them all” he added and left me while yelling his dogs name. Poor guy. Many people here have problem with alcohol, cigarette and drugs.
I actually was going to get something to drink. I’ve been thinking of that since last week and I even asked S. T. He suggested something called Control (!?), if that’s how it should be spelled but I haven’t been to any liquor store yet. B. C. Liquor Stores are managed by the Government of British Columbia and one of the guys was saying that their prices are a bit lower than the regular stores. There’s one in the shopping mall of the neighbourhood and I passed by it today but didn’t go. I didn’t want to get beer because it’s fattening regardless of its vitamin B. Now I have it and probably not goin’ to get anything until I finish them. Hodani is a big beer drinker. He now suffers from ulcer because he drinks beer and hard liquor on empty stomach. That’s what people do because they want the booze be absorbed and get to the blood and affect them.
(Photo: Cans of Budweiser are sitting tight together on my kitchen counter, waiting for the time they get transferred to the refrigerator, get chilled and get drunk by me!)

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