Sunday, January 18, 2009

Patriot Games

I eventually watched one of the movies today which I heard about a long time ago: Patriot Games. It’s one of the numerous movies that Harrison Ford has the leading role and of course defeats all the bad guys eventually and wins.
In the beginning I thought it was a Cold War movie but then it turned to be an IRA-related one. He has another one on that matter: The Devil’s Own. Ford is as good as every movie and the story is unpredictable and kind of makes you to chase it but I don’t think that’s one of the movies that I like to add to my collection, unless it’s a free download!
One thing that’s mentioned in the movie and is something that I’ve never thought of and could be true is Libya’s desert is a great training camp for all the oppositions groups from every corner of the world. They could hide there with no suspicious and no one but CIA and only using high-tech equipment could ever find them. Shining Path, IRA and German Red Army are amongst the groups that are named in the movie.
(Photo: Ford in the opening scene of the movie, defending the Royal Family members from IRA attacks in London, England)

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