Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thick Fog

Fog is another weather phenomena that could be seen here in Canada and specially Brit”SHIT” Columbia as a result of high humidity in the air. There was a very thick one yesterday evening in White Rock. S. T. said that it was because of air pollution, like the one in 1950s in London, England but obviously not as bad as that one!
That smog which stayed over London for only a few days, killed thousands of Londoners. This one was near no danger, at least to my knowledge but was very hard to drive in. I had slow down and open my eyes widely. Vision was very limited. The picture might say it all.
(Photo: I took this picture using my camera phone, not because I like taking photos by that. Just because it's handy. It was yesterdays evening and you can see the light beam in the thick fog. I'm behind the wheel. Can easily tell the thickness of fog)

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