Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Rare and Beautiful Scene

I was on the bus on my way home and was dead tired and sad too. I was tired 'cause had not enough sleep but was dark and gloomy because no matter what I do, it just doesn't help to get somewhere. That's a different story and I'll talk about that later.
Anyways in one stop two guys boarded; both young, Caucasian, in their mid or late 20s and probably labourers. They sat in front of each other in the back part of the bus and started a chat. That didn't get much attention as it's something everyone does. Another guy, probably the same age, got on a few stops later, same features: young, Caucasian, clearly shorter than the other two guys and a bit older. These are the things that I noticed later because he first came in like everyone else and didn't make any impression but here, when he was passing the guy who was sitting before me, kicked him hard on his foot!
I, first of all, didn't get surprised and thought they were buddies or simply co-workers. And then the new guy started on him, swearing like hell! I wasn't still surprised 'cause profanity is part of their language. And then I noticed that the other guy was not laughing and basically didn't say much. Just was starring at the guy with wide open eyes!!
His buddy was sitting beside me and he said nothing too. Nobody else did anything. This time I was expecting those two beating the hell of the new guy but they didn't have the balls, none of them. The cursing guy stopped after a couple of minutes and once again it was like nothing had happened. The guys carried on their conversation. It was obvious that the other guy had problems. I tried not to look at him directly because I didn't want that scene happens to me. Besides I was too tired to defend me, if he attacked. He was turning and spinning and tapping his own kneecaps, etc. It was Fri. night and many people go nuts!
I've never seen something like this in the last 7 years I've been living in Canada but Surrey has a reputation for all sorts of crimes and this one could turn to a serious one too.

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