Saturday, January 10, 2009


In this struggling economic world of today which everybody’s trying to resort to whatever available to survive, one car dealer I heard that from the radio when I was at work yesterday presented a new offer: The offer says if the buyer loses his or her job one year after buying the vehicle, the vehicle could be returned! Isn’t that good?
Vehicle sales have dropped sharply in the US, Canada and Europe and that caused many problems for the communities and related industries. One other offer I read in the paper and is not as attractive as this one was purchasing two vehicles, a big luxury sedan and a mid-size 4-door pick-up truck for a price of almost $41,000. No payment for 90 days, the first two months on us, No GST and many other offers are advertised these days to encourage people to buy vehicles.
(Photo: A bus full of passengers, mostly poor refugees from East and South-East Asia in the afternoon of Fri., in the worst city of Lower Mainland, Surrey. The temperature is above zero and mild but lack of good diet and fear makes all these people too have too much cloths on, probably bought from Value Village, Thrift Store and other ones like that. Took this using my camera phone. These people either can't afford a car and its insurance or are not able to drive, due to medical and physical conditions)

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