Friday, January 09, 2009

The National Post

I don’t know if I’ve ever written anything about the National Post but it’s a media for Jews and anti-Muslims. at the time, should be mentioned that they are reflecting the other side’s opinion’s as well. I sometimes buy it ‘cause it has good articles and news from around the world. Conrad Black is its founder, the person who was trialed and is spending his time in prison now.
Black’s story is a complicated one and I didn’t follow and not goin’ to say it here but one cartoon in the yesterday's issue of the Post is very interesting and you can see it here. This one, I believe it. Hamas and other Muslim fundamentalists don’t care about their family, kids and their own people. They fight for their ideology. So as the cartoon says they hide in the residential buildings, mosques, hospitals and schools, but I think that’s what everybody else would do. Weren’t the partisans hiding in the houses and schools and hospitals during the WWII? Or Vietnamese in the houses and everywhere else in Saigon and other towns and cities in the south?
While I don’t want to go deep in what has been done by the Post in the recent years toward Muslims, which I believe haven’t been fair many times, I would like to mention that Iranians used teens during Iran-Iraq War to clear mine fields. The young who were promised the heaven of God were sent to the fields and a few have been captured by Iraqis and were shown to the foreign media. The Post has been criticised for his anti-Muslim views and has apologized for that later. So don't trust its political news and views! After all don't believe whatever you read. Think, analyse and conclude.
(Photo: Yesterday's National Post published this cartoon regarding the recent Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza. Palestinians accuse Israel of killing civilians and Israel claims that Hamas militants use civilians as their protective shield)

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