Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Good Quality, Bad Quantity

It's been a long time that I haven't written anything in here. It's not because there was nothing to think and write about. It was because all this stress I'm under from different side, especially from F. F. and the damn stupid job I have at the moment.So time is flying by and I still haven't settled down and still looking for a job that I can cover all my needs. This stupid recession that bunch of motherfucker Americans started it, seem not goin' to be finished soon. Just listen to the new lie the motherfuckers just made up: The recession will end and everything will go back to normal in early 2010, if not in late 2009!And that was just 3 weeks ago that they said everything will go back to fucking normal Capitalists way! So motherfucker animals! Which one is false and which one true?!You cocksuckers in Government probably don't - not probably for sure - care because you animal fuckers all receive over $200,000 salaries!So back to my monthly Cooper Test practises, I just had the chance to do that it four times but the results all are categorized as Good. The quality is good but the quantity is not. I'm trying to improve both in March.
(Photo: The chart for the month of Feb. and it's trending line)

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