Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Flashback (17): The Rear Window

Perhaps you’ve seen Rear Window, an Alfred Hitchcock horror, like all of his. The story I’m goin’ to tell you now is not a horror, it’s just a regular one, the one that tell how I teased and fooled A. J.
I lived in an old house in Brackendale, B. C. for a little more than a year. The main door could be locked from inside without a key. So when you were goin’ out you only had to turn the knob and that would be it. Once I locked the door from inside and got out, checked my pockets and damn! Forgot the keys inside!
The closest place to get the key was an hour and half drive away! And there was no sense to drive all the way and back to get the key because obviously that would drive A. J. crazy! So I decided to check the windows and doors. None of them would be broken into unless I used a metal bar, a sledgehammer or something like that and make a big noise. That was not a good idea because then I had to fix the damn thing and didn’t know how much that would cost or what would be the neighbour’s reaction and A. J.’s.
The easiest way was a rear window which opened to a small bedroom. It had thin glasses. So I slightly nudged the glass and broke it! Then made my way in easily and got the key. I, then, covered the window easily with a nylon sheet. That wasn’t bothering me because I slept in the other room with a heater.
Then A. J. showed up one night and noticed that. I, obviously, pretended nothing had happened to the minute he saw it and when he asked me what had happened I simply said that I had noticed that the night that I came back from his place! He got upset and asked for tuck tape and more nylon sheets and covered the window and slept in the room at night. He, at times, wouldn’t sleep very well and there were several times that he told me that he woke up at about 02:00 AM and couldn’t go back to sleep as result of stress and too much problems in his mind. Imagine how his sleep would be after the fake nylon cover was put on!
Then another day the same damn thing happened! I, again, left the keys inside and this time I had to cut the nylon sheet using a knife! That drove him mad and had to cover it again! He complained a lot and said that he did not know who had problem with him and why they did that to him! But that was the last time because I moved out shortly after that. Here, at this place, this never happens. I have a lock that should be locked from outside. But the problem here is at times I leave the building and I ask myself: Did I lock the door?!!
(Photo: Bloom in the backyard of the old house in Brackendale, B. C., where I spent my life for a little than over a year)

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