Saturday, March 07, 2009

Chinese Massage

Recession has affected everything and most notably entertainment industry of any kind. People obviously rethink these days when are spending their dollars.
I myself used to go to massage places to relax but has been a very long time that haven’t been to one. That’s shit. So I was checking the ads because I really need to get a good massage and noticed something about a masseur who always advertises in different papers, a Chinese lady. Actually most of the massage parlours are Asians or better to say most of the cheap ones. Filipinos, Thais and Chinese and of course other one who claims that are from such backgrounds. This is funny because when there’s fame in something and you offer the same quality, people don’t believe you and still go to the same one for their need. For example Honda and Toyota have built up a good reputation in auto industry while GM, Ford and Chrysler have almost the same quality but it’s very hard for them to compete because the Japanese have gain the trust.
I personally have an experience in that matter: There is a Thai restaurant in 17th Ave., Calgary which I used to go there often for a dinner. They serve good food. I went there with P. M. a few times as well. One woman in there once told us that none of them were actually Thai! They were all Vietnamese! But I don’t know why they were doing that because Vietnamese food has a good reputation, if not more, as well.
Anyway as you see at the bottom, the Chinese lady first offers her service for $60 and up and then in a few months the base price is reduced to $40 and now he’s hired people and it’s her and the team who offers the service, with a lower price of $35. I’ll write about the service and its quality as soon as I go there.
(Photo: Three ads of the Chinese lady in three different newspapers, from left to right prices are going down. We'll see the quality of services in a few weeks)

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