Friday, March 20, 2009

Wake Up after Decades of Dreaming!

Look at what just the Immigration Minister said:
Immigrants who can't speak English or French well enough, should be denied citizenship(!!!!)
So what are you goin' to do to hundreds of thousands of stupid, scumbag, cocksucker animals who work like horses for the minimum wages at every corner of this country?! May be they don't need Citizenship. Do they? All these filthy animals who use everything they could to get to this public dirty toilet, called Canada and made up every fucking stupid story they could, are being denied citizenship now. Ha?
Some of them need citizenship 'cause their own passport worth crap if they really wanna travel around but some of them don't 'cause all they do is going back and forth to the same stinky hole they used to live in.
Everybody knows this Canadian Citizenship stinks and worth a piece of shit and looks like the honorable Jason (from Fri. the 13th!) Kenny just has noticed that!

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